Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Television shows of Criminal Justice System Research Paper

Television shows of Criminal Justice System - Research Paper Example This show even shows that negative side of the criminal justice system as at certain times these investigators act against policies and even misuse their power in interrogations. 24 is even a television show in which federal agents of the federal agencies work to counter terrorist activities (Sutherland, 2002). The main focus of this show is an agent who used to work with the Counter Terrorist Unit and was continuously added and removed from the unit for conducting mal practices. This show provides a very negative image of federal agents and the tactics they use to obtain confessions from criminals and suspects. The tactics they represent in these shows are very harsh in nature and can even lead to death. On the other hand, this show even paints a positive image of the federal agency officers because at the end of the day the agent is able to solve criminal cases and defend his nation and this show even paints a picture that working according to the book at all times does not solve c riminal cases. Burn Notice is a television series that depicts that an under cover intelligence operative was fired and asked to leave his duty as an under cover operative (IMDB, 2012). In this series, the officer tries to figure out why he was suspended from his duties and who were responsible from letting him off from his duties (Donovan, 2008). During this process he continues to provide detective work for the community and he helps catching various criminals but he does so in an illegal manner as he does not have a job.

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